ColorBrite Colored Glass Colors

Classic colored glass tubing is now available at FMS Sign Products.  FMS Brillite classic colored tubing is the finest quality available, made from machine drawn Italian glass.  The product is sold by the stick and priced as shown.  There is a 20 stick minimum, and you can mix and match different colors and sizes to meet your needs.  There is a $25 packing fee per box, with a maximum of approximately 15 pounds per box depending on diameter.

Due to the unique nature of classic colored glass, orders for this product can only be placed by phone or email.  Please contact us to ask questions or place orders.  952-934-6789 or

10mm - approximately 3.1 sticks per pound
12mm - approximately 2.6 sticks per pound
15mm - approximately 2.0 sticks per pound


BL96 Noviol Gold

10mm $12.50 per stick Pounds:
12mm $14.50 per stick Pounds:
15mm $16.50 per stick Pounds: