Brillite Fluorescent Coated Neon Sign Tubing

FMS has been a leading manufacturer of phosphor coated glass tubing for the neon sign industry since 1946. During the past 60 years we have developed a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of quality neon products with outstanding performance characteristics in a wide variety of sign and lighting applications. FMS Brillite neon tubing has been specified in many national corporate programs, as well as countless numbers of smaller custom projects domestically and around the world.

Only the world's finest raw materials receive approval for use in FMS neon sign tubing. Our glass, phosphors and other raw materials come from some of the world's most advanced and quality conscious plants. To ensure consistent quality we employ a wide range of inspection and process control techniques to monitor such important features as phosphor composition, emission spectrum, lumen output, coating thickness and uniformity, and other critical performance characteristics.

All FMS Brillite tubing is washed and dried prior to coating to ensure that the surface of the glass is prepared to receive a smooth, clean phosphor coat. The phosphor coating is then applied under stringent process control. After coating, the tubes are uniformly processed in computer controlled conveyor ovens at more than 1000° F (537° C) to ensure precise baking of the phosphor and annealing of the glass. Superior raw materials combined with advanced production and quality assurance methods yields a line of phosphor coated tubing second to none.

FMS manufactures an extensive line of phosphor coated tubing to meet the demands of today's sign and lighting professional. In addition, we continue to conduct research in the area of new phosphor development and include the most advanced rare earth phosphors in many of our new colors and whites.

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Brillite Fluorescent Coated Sign Tubing