Stazon Waterborne Blockout Paint

Stazon Waterborne is a paint specifically formulated to exhibit many of the unique performance characteristics of our original oil based Stazon, but in a more pleasant and environmentally friendly waterborne version.  Stazon Waterborne is available in black or gray, and can be applied by either brush or dip.  When applying by brush, please be sure to use a very soft, fine bristle brush for best coverage.  Stazon Waterborne is formulated to be used as is, but can be thinned slightly with small amounts of clean distilled water if desired (up to 5% by volume).  Keep the paint and container clean as possible and store in a cool location to minimize the possibility of bacteria growth.  A gentle flow of warm air over the painted glass will help reduce dry time.  Performance characteristics of Stazon Waterborne include: high electrical resistivity, exceptional adhesion to glass, low VOC at 2.1 pounds per gallon, scratch and crack resistant, low odor, non-toxic, quick drying, and excellent weatherability.

 Product   Color   Size   Price   Quantity 
Stazon Waterborne Black Pail Black Pail $425.00
Stazon Waterborne Black Quart Black Quart $29.50
Stazon Waterborne Black Gallon Black Gallon $94.50
Stazon Waterborne Gray Quart Gray Quart $29.50
Stazon Waterborne Gray Gallon Gray Gallon $94.50
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