CPI Neon Power Supplies

CPI Advanced has been producing high quality electronic components for a variety of industries since 1975. The company started manufacturing electronic components for the United States Military and later expanded that customer base to include such well-known companies as Rockwell, Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics, and others in the aerospace industry. In 1989 CPI began to apply their electronics manufacturing capabilities to the development of Neon Power Supplies. After more than 35 years manufacturing electronics and more than 20 years specifically manufacturing neon power supplies, CPI is a leader in the field and continues to improve both manufacturing and design to offer the most reliable state-of-the-art neon power supplies available in the market today.

CPI 6-35 Neon Power Supply

CPI 10-35 Neon Power Supply

CPI EZ12 Neon Power Supply

CPI-10035DM Neon Power Supply - Dimming

CPI EZ-12-DM/FL Neon Power Supply - Dimming & Flashing UL Listed